Fire logs

About Fire logs

The best firewood from valuable species of Russian wood:

birch, oak and pine.

✓ We dry firewood in the old-fashioned way, without using electricity, in open nature, under a canopy, where the wind and the sun bring firewood to 20% moisture in two years, reducing the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere.

✓ Cut the hemp into small logs for:

· Stoves and fireplaces of all types and sizes

· High heat transfer

· Reduced formation of soot in the chimney

OAK FIREWOOD. The most prestigious Russian wood species.

Oak firewood has unique qualities:

✓ High heat transfer

✓ Excellent flammability

✓ Pleasant, tart aroma

✓ Unique healing properties

Ideal for:

The home…

This wood can be used not only as a heating material: according to ancient traditions, you can cook exclusive dishes that are unique to your taste using oak wood.

For barbeques….

Oak is a high-density wood and therefore burns for a long time. If you are planning a picnic with a large company, oak firewood is perfect for barbecuing. The firewood gives a lot of heat and hold it for a long time, so it is possible to cook large portions of meat.

For a bath…

Oak wood is a valuable natural material with the highest heat transfer and excellent combustibility. Additionally, it has a pleasant tart aroma. The smoke produced by oak has medicinal properties and is especially beneficial for asthmatics.

BIRCH FIREWOOD. A primordially Russian wood species, proven for centuries.

Birch firewood has exceptional properties:

✓ Long flammability

The firewood will create a unique atmosphere of tranquillity in your home, filling the space with a pleasant aroma.

✓ High heat transfer

Birch is a part ofthe hard wood species, they are often also called “hot wood”.

✓ Disinfectant properties

Birch firewood can protect your health. This type of wood cleans the room of harmful bacteria, and also helps you to quickly recover from colds and lung diseases.

✓ Fast kindling process

Perfect for a fireplace, spaces such as a country house. Birch is easily ignited and burns with an even flame without smoke and sparks.

Birch firewood retains its properties for about 2 years. Birch has only one drawback, which, however, can be easily corrected: it burns smoky and leaves tar on the walls of the chimney. BBE company easily copes with this problem and offers to sell alder bundled with birch, which removes the negative traits of the wood.

ALDER FIREWOOD. Since ancient times Alder has been used for purposes such as heating royal chambers.

Alder firewood has exceptional properties:

✓ Environmentally friendly

Alder firewood does not smoke and does not form soot.

Paired with alder, birch reveals all its useful properties and does not clog the chimney.

✓ Used to remove soot

Alder can be used to clean the chimney of soot and small coals, which over time are formed by burning birch or coniferous trees, which produce tar and essential oils that clog the chimney.

✓ Rapid combustion and excessive heat

Alder is great for a fireplace, as they often serve as a decorative feature rather than a real source of heat, like a stove.

✓ Alder firewood does not lose its natural aroma for a long time

Alder is ideal for smoking, as it gives off light smoke with a pleasant aroma when burnt. Kebabs cooked on alder wood have a crispy golden crust.

✓ Alder scent has a beneficial effect on health, helping to overcome colds, depression and fatigue.