about pellets

High-quality and environmentally friendly pellets made from sawdust and shavings.


Wood pellets (fuel pellets) is a granular type of ecological fuel produced in cylindrical form, which serves as an alternative to coal or ordinary firewood.

The advantages of pellets:

✓ 100% environmentally friendly fuel

Our pellets are made from sawdust and shavings, without the addition of other substances ensuring the product is 100% renewable and environmentally friendly.

✓ Suitable for stoves and fireplaces of all sizes.

✓ Profitable. Fuel pellets burn and smolder up to three times as much

as wood.

✓ It is much cheaper to heat a house with pellets than with gas, coal or ordinary wood.

✓ High combustion temperature (due to low humidity and high density).

✓ Emits 5000 kilocalories per kg, equal to the calorific value of coal.

✓ They are odorless, safe (no shooting sparks) and do not leave behind dirt or dust.

✓ Compact.

✓ Can be used in automated systems.

Wood pellets can be poured into a special tank, from which they are fed into the boiler in “portions”.

✓ Suitable for cooking.

This is not only more convenient since they take up little space, but also more useful. Unlike the pellets, if the juices from the meat get on the coals, smoke with chemical impurities rises upward and not only spoils the taste of meat, but also saturates it with harmful substances.

Dishes cooked on pellets have a delicious taste, an appetizing ruddy color, do not taste bitter and do not have a smoky taste. Due to the non-smoking nature of this type of fuel, it can be used on closed verandas and in restaurants.

✓ Suitable for those with pets.

Pellets absorb moisture and odor and can serve as litter for cats or as

flooring in stables and barns.

✓ The granules do not grow fungi and pathogenic microorganisms.